The Greatest Generation

One of the things I hope to do… is encourage people to reconsider some things about the four gospel accounts and the book of Acts. As readers of the story of Jesus, our generation and culture has become very familiar with what happened while Jesus was on earth. For instance, most people know, in general, what miracles He performed. We are somewhat familiar with the people He healed. We can repeat the story of His birth, His death, and His resurrection. These “events” are similar to the interior of a house. We are comfortable with them. We like the way they feel. We’ve lived there, theologically, for a while.  They have become familiar.

One reader might really like the way John’s gospel reads. Another might like insight that the words of Christ offer. Someone else might really like the story of Pentecost… or Paul’s theology. These are the interior features of the gospel. As much as we love certain aspects of the scriptures, we often fail to leave them in their first-century Jewish context. Continue reading

Rethinking Scripture is All About Context

What is Rethinking Scripture?

It’s about a “transition” – movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, to another


The longer I live… the more I realize that everything has a context.

For a large portion of my adult life I helped people buy and sell real estate. I spent part of that time working for a large real estate brokerage in my hometown, but I also owned my own small company for about nine years. There’s one saying in real estate with which most everyone is familiar. It’s a saying that new Realtors learn early… and use often.

“The three most important things

to consider when purchasing a piece of real estate are…

location, location, and location.”

You’ve probably heard this adage before. It’s nothing new, but it is an important truth. It suggests that a property’s location will help decide its value more than any other individual feature the property has.

As an agent, I would often take clients out to view five or six homes they had picked out of a larger list. After looking at each property, I’d ask them to run down a list of the things they liked, and the things they disliked about the house. If you’ve bought a house, you’ve probably done something very similar. It’s a mental way to summarize the viewing of a house before moving on to the next one. I found that my clients would often focus on the interior features of the house more than the exterior features. Continue reading

The Problem of Sin… & Those Looking for Messiah

The book of Genesis introduces us to the beginning. God created and, as the story goes, man corrupted. The “problem of sin” was introduced early in the story. Sin is a problem because it causes separation from the creator. Sin can prevent our relationship with God, and it always disrupts our fellowship with Him. The Bible teaches that sin has affected all people. It’s even disrupted the physical make-up of our planet. The problem of sin is world-wide. As big of a deal as it was when it happened, God still wasn’t caught off-guard.

The gospel means “good news”. Most people know that. There is a promise in Genesis chapter 3 that some call the first presentation of “the gospel”. Genesis 3:15 is often called the first promise God made to take care of the problem of sin. If I’m Adam or Eve… hearing God’s words would have been really good news. It was God’s first promise in this regard… and it suggested that one of Eve’s seed… someone down the line a ways… would take a blow to his heel… but he would crush the head of the deceiver. That’s code for… I’ll send someone who will take care of the problem of sin. That’s the first mention of the promise. Continue reading