Rethinking Scripture is All About Context

What is Rethinking Scripture?

It’s about a “transition” – movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, to another


The longer I live… the more I realize that everything has a context.

For a large portion of my adult life I helped people buy and sell real estate. I spent part of that time working for a large real estate brokerage in my hometown, but I also owned my own small company for about nine years. There’s one saying in real estate with which most everyone is familiar. It’s a saying that new Realtors learn early… and use often.

“The three most important things

to consider when purchasing a piece of real estate are…

location, location, and location.”

You’ve probably heard this adage before. It’s nothing new, but it is an important truth. It suggests that a property’s location will help decide its value more than any other individual feature the property has.

As an agent, I would often take clients out to view five or six homes they had picked out of a larger list. After looking at each property, I’d ask them to run down a list of the things they liked, and the things they disliked about the house. If you’ve bought a house, you’ve probably done something very similar. It’s a mental way to summarize the viewing of a house before moving on to the next one. I found that my clients would often focus on the interior features of the house more than the exterior features. Continue reading