The Matthew Study Videos

Following is a chapter-by-chapter study of the book of Matthew that I taught for my church’s Small Group ministry.

  1. Chapter by Chapter Lessons – Each chapter has a lesson with 8-10 questions covering the text. These lessons were originally designed to be completed and discussed in a small group setting, but could also be completed individually.
  2. Video Teaching / Audio Podcast Teaching – Each chapter also has an approximately 30-45 min lecture. These teachings are available in both video and audio podcast formats. The videos linked below are also available on the TRANSITIONAL GOSPEL YOUTUBE CHANNEL. A quick scroll down this page will reveal the wide variety of facial expressions and hand gestures I have implemented in an attempt to more clearly communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ 😉
  3. Bible Study Links & Excerpts for Further Study – In addition to each study, we have also provided various internet links and excerpts from other sources to supplement the study of the Biblical text. These are provided to give additional, and sometimes very different, discussion. Look through at your own risk… there are lots of theological rabbit holes here!
  4. Matthew Study Blog – In the second half of the study, I also started blogging about one aspect of each chapter that I discuss in the lectures.